Monday, September 7, 2009


:} This recipe has a different version. But i got this recipe from a cooking magazine and its good. Try and Enjoy!


1 kl.Pata, 1 kl. liempo, 1/4 kl. flores de cana, 6 pcs. saba banana ( sliced ),1/2 kl. potatoes ( peeled and cut in squares ), 1/2 kl. camote ( peeled and cut into squares ), 1 cup soy sauce, 2 cups vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper, 2 pcs. bay leaves.

How to;

Boil the pata and liempo till tender in vinegar, soy sauce, water, sugar, salt, black pepper and bay leaves. Fry potatoes, camote and saba banana. set aside. When pata and liempo are tender, stir in flores de cana, potatoes, saba banana, and camote. Let simmer for 5 minutes and serve hot.

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