Monday, September 7, 2009

" BE A KITCHEN GODDESS " ( part 1 )

:}Most often we use to make mistakes around our recipes. And many times we tried to correct a failed recipe only to find out we make it worse in doing so. To be a kitchen goddess it needs a lot of patience, planning and learn from our past blunders.It about time to share to you some serious lectures in coping with this culinary flaw.(i got this tips from reading cooking magazines and cookbooks. Hope it helps !

>Dried Stew = if a stew or casserole boils dry,do not stir the contents but tip then out into a clean saucepan, leaving the burnt pieces in the bottom of the original pan. make up the quantity with a tin of appropriately flavored soup.
>Overcooked Chicken = if the chicken has become unattractive through being cooked for too long, carve it in the kitchen and arrange it on a serving platter with a vegetable garnish.
>On the Watch = watch rice and pasta carefully as it is cooking to make sure it doesnt dry out and burn. a tablespoon of oil added to the cooking liquid will keep the grains or strands separate.
>Pepper Caper = there is no way to counteract a gravy or stock which has been over-peppered. you will have to reject half the liquid and make up the rest with a stock cube and water or vegetable cooking liquid.
>Salt story = if you've forgotten to put salt in your shortcrust pastry mix, sprinkle a little over the base of the prepared flan before coking.
>Add later = both salt and pepper can be added to dishes once they're cooked, so season lightly when cooking and provide condiments for guest to help themselves.

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