Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If there's one cuisine that i would considered closer to my heart that would be the Italian dishes (of course still nothing beats the taste of our very own Filipino cuisine ). I can't remember when my fascination for Italian foods started but i am sooooooo crazy specially with their Pasta dishes...hmmm yum yum! I do have lots of Italian Recipe collections, some are cut-outs from magazines, given by some friends, recipe's from Italian cooking shows i followed and more or less about 12 Italian cookbooks :). Anyway im going to share some pasta dishes i got from a magazine (Good Housekeeping Phils.) which i tried and tested myself and surely a figure friendly. Try it for yourself and you will love it. And since Christmas season is fast approaching, i will feature some recipes not only you will enjoy but it will also generate extra income. Bon Appetit!


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